DIY: Quick & Easy Modern Toy Storage

Scandinavian-inspired kid’s rooms are full of color and toys–they are mini, magical wonderlands that are eclectic and modern, and have a distinct easiness about their style.  We’ve always kept Clinton’s toys out of his bedroom as he has a dedicated play space on our lower level, but in his recent room re-do I wanted to create a more playful, imaginative atmosphere.  His itty-bitty bedroom makes storage options limited, so I set out to find a toy storage solution with a small footprint that was cheap, modern, and fit with the Scandinavian theme.

My inspiration:

I’m in love with both of these rooms! The boxes in the top photo are from Bloomingville, which is basically Ferm Living on crack.  (Read: It’s amazing).  I also loved the painted triangles on the wall boxes from Mini Style.  And don’t you love that little reading nook?!

Anyways, read on to learn how to make quick & easy modern storage boxes using an Ikea hack:

Img 3896


  • FÖRHÖJA wall cabinets from Ikea (I used 2 birch, 1 white), $14.99 each
  • Medium-sized paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint (I used what I could find in our shed: white, grey, and green)
  • Medium grit sandpaper

First, remove the back pieces from their boxes and place on a covered surface.

Img 3889

Place a strip of painter’s tape from corner-to-corner, to create a triangle.  Lightly sand the area to be painted, going with the grain.

Img 3890

Paint two coats.  Let dry.

Img 3892

Img 3893

Assemble according to directions.  Style with your child’s toys! Clinton and I had fun creating little “scenes” inside each box.

Clinton Bed 2


I’ve been working on the rest of Clinton’s room which is–gasp–nearly finished! (Trumpets blare).  I’m waiting on a rug, poster, and a few pillows and as soon as they come in I’ll post a before & after.

Do you have any unique ways to store toys? Have you tried this type of open wall storage before?

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  • Rosa Mario
    | 1 June 2017

    Kids room is a messiest place. It;s really risky , Kids can get injured due to shatter toys. Even children are not good at sorting their toy, it can grapes more space and look ugly.Thanks for sharing toy storage ideas for kids. Really helpful thought.

  • Emy
    | 13 November 2017

    I loved your idea of creating a separation in the room with a curtain !!! I copy this for that of my son;)

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