10 Built In Ikea Hacks to Make Your Jaw Drop

The 10 Best Ikea Hacks for Built In Bookshelves, Wardrobes, and Pantries

I realize I’ve seemingly dropped off the face of the planet — no posts for what, 2 months?! — but life kind of took over as it sometimes does.  I promise to fill you in on the details soon! But until then, I wanted to share with you this round-up of the 10 best built in Ikea hacks (think bookshelves, closets, and pantries), which is

DIY Bentwood Bud Vase

DIY Copper Bud Vase

Anyone who’s seen me with a jar of spaghetti sauce knows I like a challenge.  And when Colleen and Karisa challenged me and four other bloggers to make something out of craft wood, I was hooked!  The rules were simple: make something awesome for the wall, using the kind of craft wood found at stores like Michaels.  Fresh off my DIY craft wood door wedge, I

DIY Leather Door Wedge

DIY Leather Door Wedge

It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve done a DIY project — the last one was February’s marbled jewelry box.   Since we’re moving soon, most of my energy has been put towards getting things out of the house, rather than making new things for it!  But the more I pack, sell, and donate our belongings, the more I think about this quote: Have nothing in your

Design, Decoded: The Sputnik Light

Design, Decoded: Gino Sarfatti & The Sputnik Light

This post is part of a series of history quickies, bite-sized looks at the minds & times behind famous designed objects. Each week a new iconic design piece will be highlighted, and I’ll show you where you can get it on the cheap!  Read the full series. Up until now, we’ve focused on specific designers and their original iconic pieces–but this week we’re doing things a bit differently! I