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It’s a thoughtfully-designed mix of curated furnishings and finishes, real materials, unique finds, and responsibly-made products you can’t find anywhere else.

Our goal is to create a closer relationship between our clients and the things in their homes. And we love giving you the opportunity to invest in companies worth supporting.

This service is excellent for clients who don’t have the time to attend to every detail. Whether your project contains construction or you’re just looking for some final touches, let us do all the work for you!

What We Provide:

  • Initial Consultation to review scope, questions, project mandates, and investment
  • On-site measurements, photos, and trade coordination
  • Sourcing, selection, and estimation of all products, materials, and trades
  • Full design Presentation with complete with Drawings Package and 3D Renderings
  • Placement, expediting, receipt, and inspection of orders
  • Trade scheduling, oversight, & communication
  • Delivery and installation of furniture and styling
  • A project binder that includes comprehensive project details, products warranties and details on how to care for your new space

For every new project, we plant 100 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects – a non-profit organization with a mission to provide fair-wage employment to the most impoverished around the world.


  • KICK-OFF: Each project begins with a detailed 2-hour Consultation where we’ll ask questions, listen to your needs, and provide expert insights. Once the signed contract and retainer are received, we’ll go ahead and schedule your project. That first week, we'll present an initial design concept and gather your feedback.
  • Step 1
    We start with our initial 2-hour Consultation, where we answer your questions, create the project scope, and what it's like to work with us. You leave with all your questions answered and a comprehensive summary which will launch your project effectively.
  • Step 2
    Once you review the estimate—which covers our fees up to and including The Final Presentation (STEP 6)—and sign the agreement, we’ll collect a deposit to reserve your spot on our calendar. (We require 20% of the estimate.). Once booked, we provide a potential start date and request Pinterest boards.
  • Step 3
    We present our Initial Design Concept including color palettes, material ideas, and aesthetics and incorporate your feedback as needed. This is also when we sit down to review the Final Criterion - all the nitty-gritty details we need to know about your design preferences.
  • DESIGN: During this phase, we dive into the details of your project. We handle everything from measurements to trade meetings, then move into sourcing furnishings with beauty and meaning. We’ll reveal your full design concept with layers of detail: floor plans, fabric samples, product images and more.
  • Step 4
    We handle on-site measurements, take photos, conduct trade meetings, plus create a furnishings schedule and identify the labor, materials, and products needed in each space. Typically, you wouldn’t be present this day. We’ll take care of everything.
  • Step 5
    Next, we design the space! We create the floor plans and elevations, source all fabrics, furnishings, and finishes, plus finalize the scope of work for trades. We confirm pricing and lead times, create a proposal, and request trade estimates so that you have everything you need at Step 6 to determine your budget.
  • Step 6
    This is a key step — The Final Presentation, which includes floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, product images, samples, pricing, and estimates — everything you need to envision your new home. The budget is reviewed, items are approved, and payment is collected so that orders may be placed.
  • Step 7
    When design changes are needed, we always include an optional revision meeting.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Everything is approved, paid for, and ordered, and you can focus on other things while we continue to track and inspect each item. We’ll handle create a project calendar, communicate with trades for you, and begin to prepare for installation.
  • Step 8
    We place all orders and begin tracking deliveries to our receiver. Trades are hired.
  • Step 9
    The Project Review Meeting allows us to share updates, your proposed project calendar (a timeline of each trade/phase), and tentative installation dates. We review the construction process, answer your questions, and coordinate the donation of any furniture, scheduling movers, etc.
  • Step 10
    Construction begins. We make site visits as needed, ensuring your design is implemented correctly and to industry standards.
  • Step 11
    Six weeks prior to installation, we meet to go over accessories and décor. We’ll collect payment for approved items and place all additional orders.
  • Step 12
    After construction is complete, everything is delivered, installed, and styled, including rugs, furniture, artwork, hardware, lighting, potted plants, etc. You can expect to be away from home for this step.
  • COMPLETION: This is the best part: the completion of your new home! We’ll walk through your new space together and ooh and ahh with you over all the details. No design project runs perfectly, but that’s one of the many ways we can help. We’ll keep a punch list and address any outstanding issues. Finally you’ll receive a binder of information—a comprehensive guide to your new space.
  • Step 13
    Come home and see your new, finished home (champagne will definitely be involved). We will walk through your space together and note any possible deficiencies, creating a "punch list" for us and for trades.
  • Step 14
    Any deficiencies are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Step 15
    We meet one last time to give you your project binder and handle the final invoices. My Abode is a project binder with complete design plans, renderings, lists of products and vendor names, fabric and finish samples, care and cleaning information, warranties, and who to contact should you ever need help down the road.

Every turn-key design project is unique and billed hourly at our current rates. We can provide an estimate up to and including The Final Presentation during your initial Consultation.


If you want to press the easy button when you have a design project – this is your best bet!

Katie / Hilltop, Denver


Whether you just need to be pointed in the right direction, or are looking for a professional to guide you through your project, A-la-carte Consultations are the perfect service for any project you plan on tackling yourself.

After your first session, you’ll have a plan for getting from point A to point B. You’ll have insights into exactly what to look for when sourcing products and materials. We’ll connect you with local businesses, artists, and makers to create a more meaningful, joy-filled home.

What We Provide:

  • Answers to your most pressing design dilemmas
  • Our professional recommendations for furniture and decor
  • Color, paint, material, and finish suggestions
  • Furniture layouts that optimize function
  • Materials to use and to avoid to ensure a healthy home
  • Information on how to properly donate, recycle, and dispose of unwanted products and materials

Need more support? Book as many Consultations as you need, whenever you need them.  From sample approvals and shopping lists to plan reviews and site walks, we are here to support your design journey. Consider us your on-call professionals!

For every consultation booked, we plant 10 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects – a non-profit organization with a mission to provide fair-wage employment to the most impoverished around the world.

Ideal for:

  • DIYers and design lovers
  • If you love shopping but aren’t sure where to go
  • Smaller budgets or tight timelines
  • When you know what you want your home to look like, but don’t know how to make it happen


We offer consultations for $599 in the Denver metro area and for $699 in Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and the Rocky Mountains.


The details, the easy to follow recommendations, the gracious demeanor all lead me to recommend Annabode Interior Design as a five-star investment. Thank you so much!

Kathy / Denver, CO


During this shoppable service, we style one room using what you already own plus our incredible inventory of locally-made pillows, throws, and vintage decor – all available to purchase onsite.

You’ll have a completely transformed space, without having to lift a finger. No more wasting hours hunting down the perfect piece!

Plus – you’ll get a one-on-one chat with a designer, along with our professional tips to take your home from “in process” to “perfection”.

What We Provide:

  • Styling of surfaces with decor you already own, PLUS
  • Styling with our favorite sustainable products and vintage finds, chosen just for you (think: ceramics, coffee table books, etc.)
  • Easy purchasing – keep what you love, we’ll take back what you don’t
  • Our professional recommendations for how to take the space to the next level

Ideal for:

  • Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices (for all those zoom calls)
  • When you have your major furniture pieces but need help pulling it all together
  • Big events – book club? graduation party? We can make your home guest-ready in just a few hours

Styling Sessions start at $699 in the Denver metro area


Highly recommend!

Alexis / Congress Park, Denver

Annabode Interior Design
Sustainable Living Room Design


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