Meaningful homes for modern life.
Meaningful homes for modern life.

Interior Design for Historic Homes

Denver • Boulder • The Rocky Mountains

Sustainable home tips, delivered

Being more connected to the objects that surround you…

Do we know where our things come from? Have they been handed down? Survived a journey? Gifted to us by a loved one? We carefully curate spaces that tell a good story and create a sense of connection.

…helps craft a more thoughtful and sustainable home.

We’re the only full-service residential interior design firm in Denver that creates socially-conscious, sustainable interiors. Because design isn’t just about how something looks, but also how it makes you feel.


I never thought about who was building it, where it came from… I never gave it a lot of thought until Anna. It’s top notch work and I love the mix of vintage and brand new.

Teresa / Denver, CO


When people come into my home, I want objects to do more than just look good. I love the story.

Amy / Wash Park, Denver

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