The Best Interior Design Firms in Denver

Denver’s interior design community is thriving, and we feel so lucky to be a part of it. We’ve compiled a list of the city’s top design firms. Read on to learn a bit more about those who made our list.

Studio Thomas

  • Lead Designer: Kristen Thomas
  • Style: Clean and modern with plenty of texture
  • Best for: Clients looking for an elevated aesthetic and lots of architectural detail

Duet Design Group

  • Lead Designers: Miranda Cullen and Devon Tobin
  • Style: Upscale and unique
  • Best for: Clients looking to “wow” with a space that’s one of a kind


  • Lead Designer: Laura Arledge
  • Style: Modern and collected
  • Best for: Clients going for a minimal, thoughtfully curated vibe


  • Lead Designer: Katie Schroder
  • Style: Colorful and eclectic
  • Best for: Clients willing to take a risk


  • Lead Designers: Mark Knudson and Nic Leggett
  • Style: Cool and creative
  • Best for: Clients who like to think outside the box

Cook Design House

  • Lead Designer: Jodi Cook
  • Style: Inviting and timeless
  • Best for: Clients hoping to make their house feel like home

Layers + Lines

  • Lead Designers: Molly Bevan and Kim Blankenburg
  • Style: Clean and comfortable
  • Best for: Clients looking for approachable, family-friendly design


  • Lead Designer: Anna Elyce Smith
  • Style: Modern, organic, and sustainable
  • Best for: Clients looking to make a difference

We’d love to know… who are your favorite interior designers in Denver?

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