10 Modern Kids’ Chairs Under $60

If the world was a logical place, kids’ chairs would be cheap–(I mean, they are half the size of regular chairs).  But it seems that all the major children’s furniture manufacturers met in secret one day, fingered their curly mustaches, and decided to squeeze parents good and dry.  However, I just can’t bring myself to spend $75, $100, $150 on a miniature piece of furniture that is going to be treated as well as a three-year-old treats his possessions (read: very. poorly.)

I set out to find 10 cute, modern kids’ chairs under $50–but even that was an impossible feat.  So, here are …

5 Kids Chairs Under $50(Beginning with the top left:)

  1. Kore Designs Kids Wobble Chair, $49.95
  2. Innit Designs Micro-Acapulco, $56
  3. Slither Kids Chair in Blue, $58.25
  4. Anatex Stacking Chair, $40
  5. Paris Kids Chair in Clear, $59.25
  6. Baby Wire Chair, $58
  7. Wood Stool by FOCO Furniture, $23
  8. Stackable School Chair, $27.04
  9. MAMMUT Children’s stool, $7.99
  10. FROSTA stool, $19.99

My favorites are the mini Acapulco and the mini Bertoia chair.  Which ones do you like?

Happy Monday!

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