6 Stylish + Modern Ideas for Your Entryway or Mudroom

Remember, first impressions count! Entryways are often neglected, but they offer visitors their first glimpse at your house and should be treated with the same attention to style as you would give your living or dining room. I know, I know…it can be difficult to keep an entryway clean and organized, because they also act as a dumping ground for mail, keys, bags, packages, etc.  Especially when kiddos are involved, things can get a little out of hand.

So how do you tame that mess?

By taking some cues from my favorite modern entryways! These spaces have utilized unique and stylish features that are both beautiful and functional.  The two things I like best.

6 Stylish & Modern Ideas for Your Entryway or Mudroom

1.  Everyone needs a place to sit while pulling off their winter boots.  If you don’t have a bench lying around, why not make one with some plywood and a few stools?

Stylish and Modern Ideas for the Entryway or Mudroom

via Design*Sponge

2. While you’re at it, take another cue from this entryway and step away from the typical railing + hooks combo.  Instead, attach a closet or curtain rod with some S-hooks for a fresh take on hanging storage!

3. Spring for an acrylic entryway table.  It instantly glams up the space! CB2 sells a great one here.

Stylish and Modern Ideas for the Entryway or Mudroom

via The Citizenry

4. Color-block your walls in a deep tone.  Anything hung on the wall will instantly pop!

Stylish and Modern Ideas for the Entryway or Mudroom

via Room & Board

5. Make a DIY copper shoe rack, à la my girl Jen at Fresh Crush!

Stylish and Modern Ideas for the Entryway or Mudroom

via Fresh Crush

6. If you’re without a closet, use baskets beneath a bench to organize hats, mittens, shoes, etc.  Even better if they’re slightly mismatched.

Stylish and Modern Ideas for the Entryway or Mudroom

via Bolig Magazine

Our entryway is a work-in-progress.  I love the storage table we have now, but it’s just a little too low and the mirror is just too small.  I’d also like to make it more modern (perhaps with the mirror…that thick frame on the poster is killing me, too).  New pieces aren’t in the budget at the moment, so it will stay looking like this for now:

Modern Entryway Decor Mudroom

Do you struggle with keeping your entryway organized? Or do you have any creative storage solutions? I’d love to hear them!

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Comments (6 )
  • Kristen
    | 25 November 2014

    Our mudroom is a necessity in our house- and as hard as I try, as many storage and organization solutions I have, I can’t get my boys (and by that I also mean husband) to hang up their coats and put the shoes into the shoe baskets!!! Seriously??!
    Love all the pretty spaces you shared!

    • annabode
      | 25 November 2014

      Ha! I know, I struggle to keep our space organized too (but in my case, it’s usually me making the mess!). The photo I shared is the prettiest it’s looked…well, ever! 🙂

  • Sandy
    | 25 November 2014

    It’s even worse if there’s no entry hall at all! My front door opens directly into the stairwell and living room. Oh well, it’s what I have 🙂 I love the lamp on the cabinet in your entry. Would you share where you bought it? Thanks!

    • annabode
      | 25 November 2014

      Oh I know Sandy! Our “entry” is just the outer wall of the tiny coat closet in our living room. You work with what you’ve got! The lamp is from good ol’ Target. I bought it a year ago, and I love it because it has a matte finish. I’m not positive, but I think this is the same one.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Laura Irion // Avery Street Design
    | 25 November 2014

    Oh my goodness, I needed this- we are remodeling our mudroom (and have been for a year, and have no end in sight), so my front entry has become the home for all the backpacks and snowgear. It’s a disaster area!! I don’t want to invest in anything too expensive or permanent to corral it all, so it just stays a mess. Thanks for the great ideas & inspiration…now to clear a weekend to clean it all up!!

  • Donna
    | 2 February 2016

    I like your simple solution of just removing the bottom drawer of that chest to stash shoes. Brilliant! One thing I think is necessary is a place to sit down to don or doff shoes plus a rug to catch drips & dirt. I’m thinking of adding a shallow tray to corral wet shoes and dripping umbrellas.

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