Colorful Mid-Century Couches Under $1000

West Elm Peggy Sofa in Cayenne, $999. Photo source

West Elm Peggy Sofa in Cayenne, $999. Photo source

I’ve always been told that it is better to buy a neutral sofa and only add color through accessories.  I understand the logic–your couch is an investment! And I certainly don’t recommend buying a sofa in a color on a whim.  But I think it’s time to throw out that old rule, and live a little on the adventurous side…

Anyways, certain colors can act as neutrals if done right.  My own blue velvet couch is my favorite piece of furniture in my house, and adds some serious pizazz to my living room.

The following are my favorite picks for affordable, bright, mid-century modern sofas that will bring a smile to your face!  Choose a color you really love and that will go with the rest of the room, add some neutral patterned pillows, and you’ll have a statement piece that you will loooove to sit on.

Or in my case, that my puppy loves to sleep on and my son loves to burrow into (you’d think it’d be the other way around…)

Colorful Mid-Century Couches Under $1000 // Colorful Mid-Century Couches Under $1000 //

  1. Everett Upholstered Loveseat in Goldengate, West Elm, $949
  2. Pennie Sofa in Cornflower, Crate & Barrel, $899
  3. Modway Engage Sofa in Azure, Wayfair, $985
  4. Rue Sofa in Petal, CB2, $999
  5. Stockholm Sofa in Sandbacka Green, Ikea, $999
  6. Either/Or Convertible Sofa in Turquoise, Urban Outfitters, $699
  7. Night and Day Convertible Sofa in Green, Urban Outfitters, $649
  8. Finn Sofa in Eucalyptus, West Elm, $899
  9. Peggy Sofa in Cayenne, West Elm, $999
  10. Archie Sofa in Nightshade, West Elm, $999

Happy decorating!

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  • Teresa
    | 8 July 2014

    Omg, I have been shopping around for a midcentury modern couch for reasonable money, and this list is PERFECT. Thank you!

  • Annabode.
    | 9 July 2014

    So glad I could help!

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