Great Finds: Louise van Terheijden

Abstract Art

Great Finds: Louise van Terheijden //

Sweet Connections

Great Finds: Louise van Terheijden //

Diamond Art Print

Affordable, original artwork is something I’m always on the lookout for–and thanks to Etsy it is literally at our fingertips!  I stumbled across this artist during my most recent re-do of our living room, and I must say I’m in love.  Her work is the perfect blend of organic modernism with a contemporary aesthetic.  Based in the Netherlands, she works mainly in gorgeous watercolors and abstract shapes.  And oh, the colors!

Take a gander at my favorites above, and check out her shop here.

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  • Martha Keim-St. Louis
    | 7 July 2014

    great find

    • Annabode.
      | 7 July 2014

      Thanks Martha! Check back soon for more, I’m addicted to watercolors 🙂

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