The Best of BRIKA: 25 Holiday Gifts Under $25

Have you every stumbled across a store and thought, “I want everything in this place!” ?

That’s how I felt about BRIKA, the online Canadian mecca of handcrafted goods.  Scrolling through its pages, it was almost as if I was being greeted by old friends–I know these makers! I’ve pinned these products!  It was as if my Pinterest boards were staring back at me, and winking.

With the holiday season upon us, I had just begun my annual brainstorming of Christmas gifts when BRIKA fell into my lap.  Since I’m sure many of you are struggling like me to find the perfect Christmas presents I thought I’d put together a round-up of my favorite gifts from their holy store of wonder online shop to help you in your search.

All of these gifts are under $25, but be sure to check out the rest of BRIKA‘s products because there is some seriously amazing stuff!

A little about the company…

BRIKA was founded by two incredible women, Kena Paranjape and Jen Lee Koss (who incidentally is a Juilliard-trained cellist.  Get. out. of. here.) who are passionate about…well, passion.

From BRIKA’s website:

Drawing on their shared values of following one’s passions and building a beautiful life through well-crafted, everyday objects, they developed the concept for BRIKA, a unique online shopping destination that offers a curated selection of special pieces that are destined to become heirlooms and celebrates the makers behind them. Weaving a sense of community and creativity into the fabric of the brand, BRIKA is a place shoppers can come to find inspiration as easily as beautiful, modern crafts.

Their beliefs?

Everyone has a creative spark

A world of beauty lives in every small thing

Today’s craft becomes tomorrow’s heirloom

Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned from one another

We have the tools to craft a beautiful life

Amen, ladies! And now for the round-up…

The Best of BRIKA: 25 Holiday Gifts Under $25

handcrafted holiday gifts under $25

From top left:

  1. Adventurer’s Notebook, Dovetail Goods, $16.
  2. Wind Waves Coin Pouch in Sage Green, Year Round Co., $18.
  3. Bluebird Rattle, Hazel Village, $16.
  4. Walnut Engraved Cocktail Muddler, AHeirloom, $20.
  5. Celebrate the Small Things Mini Banner, Urban Bird & Co, $14.
  6. Colorful Wooden Treasure Box, Maker Made, $22.
  7. You’re A Gem Pencils, Rabbit Foot Fern, $14.
  8. Black Leather + Gold Card Case, Scout & Lilly, $24.
  9. Brown Tango Keyfob, Son of A Sailor, $20.
  10. The Earl Grey Chocolate Truffles, Badminton Chocolate Co., $16.
  11. A Fresh Start Candle, Campy Candles, $15.
  12. State Flower Letterpress Print, Thimblepress, $24.
  13. Yellow Handmade Seahorse, Wee Gallery, $19.
  14. Fall Feathers Baby Headband, Ollie Jones, $12.
  15. Fari Chopsticks, Hank by Henry, $22.
  16. Holiday Confetti Candleholders, Wind & Willow Home, $19.
  17. Lavender Bath Box Set, Roots Soap Co., $18.
  18. Children’s Rain Cap, Patouche, $19.20.
  19. Tree Triangle Pouch in Grey, Flowie Style, $16.
  20. Mountain Pencil Case, Urban Bird & Co., $13.
  21. Small Cube Planter in Mint, Rosslab, $24.
  22. Bling Balloon Print, Honey & Bloom, $16.
  23. Dagger Earrings, Voz Collective, $18.
  24. Bow Cards, Beau Ideal Editions, $16.
  25. Basic Fig 3. Peach Mouse Pad, BRIKA, $9.

Happy shopping!

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