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I’ve had so many questions about our crazy cheap living room rug, such as how comfortable it is to stand on, does it move without a rug pad, how thick is the pile, etc.  And although I love, love, love it in so many ways, it does have a huge drawback in that it is SUPER thin.  It is definitely not comfortable to stand on for long periods of time, let alone sit on, which I found out soon after we hard purchased it for our living room back in Virginia:

Affordable Eco-friendly Rug Pad

Flashback time! Here is our rug in Virginia, last year. I can’t even believe this was our living room — so different from what it is now!

You really just couldn’t sit on it.  It was so uncomfortable playing in the living room with my son, Clinton, and our puppy chose to awkwardly sleep on the carpeted stairs rather than the large, sunny rug because of it.  I knew I needed a rug pad and was relieved that the rug itself had been so inexpensive, that I hoped it wouldn’t be too much of an additional cost.

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I spent a long time searching for rug pads that were eco-friendly, because with a two-year-old (at the time) I was mega-concerned with the air quality of our home.  Many rug pads that are found at major retailers actually off-gas harmful VOCs and that’s simply not something I wanted to have to worry about!  I had inherited one of those from my mother when we had bought the house, and it just felt kind of icky and sticky.  Plus, it smelled rather chemically.  Have you ever smelled one of those things? They’re gross.

That’s why I was so happy when I discovered Rug Pad Corner, which has a line of 100% natural organic recycled felt rug pads.  There’s absolutely no off-gassing, and they’re heat-pressed so that they don’t contain any glue or other adhesives.  They’re also hypoallergenic and mold/mildew resistant, which is great because our son suffers from pretty severe asthma as rug pad

But the absolute BEST part of them is their thickness — they come in two sizes, but I chose the thicker (3/8″) because our rug was so thin to begin with (find it here).

And seriously, it has made all the difference!  Now it’s like walking on a big flat pillow, it’s so comfortable.  After we placed it under the rug, Clinton and I began to finally play in the living room and our pup migrated back into the room for her naps!

eco-friendly rug pads

Do you see how thick and wonderful that is? Crazy.

Plus, my word are they affordable for that much felt — an 8 x 10 is only $99 in the 1/4″.  You can have them cut slightly smaller too so they won’t be peeking out under the edges, and shipping is free.  We needed a rectangular pad which is usually what I find at major furniture retailers, but I noticed RPC also offers round, oval, square, and runner pads which I’d imagine saves you some money since you’re not paying for extra material.

I’m really happy with the difference it’s made in the comfort of our rug, and even though we now use it in our dining room it still feels 10x better than before!

As a special thank you for supporting Annabode + Co., please use the coupon code REVIEW15 for 15% off your rug pad purchase from Rug Pad Corner!

Affordable Eco-Friendly Rug Pad

Our dining room now, in all its cushioned glory 🙂

I’m always looking for new tips to keep our home healthy.  How do you keep your home air quality safe for your kids? Leave a comment below!

Disclosure: This post was published in partnership with Rug Pad Corner. All thoughts + opinions are, of course, entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that help keep our blog up and running!

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Comments (21 )
  • Kristen
    | 15 January 2016

    Looks cushy! Is it non-slip, too? That’s always my issue is I need something to keep rugs in place.

    • annabode
      | 15 January 2016

      This one isn’t non-slip, but they do carry non-slip ones made from natural rubber!

  • Courtney bradley
    | 3 February 2016

    Hi there! Could you offer any heLp finding your rug on Wayfair’s website? I love it!!

    • annabode
      | 3 February 2016

      Hey Courtney — sure thing! The link is at the beginning of this post.

  • Hilary
    | 22 February 2016

    Hi! I was wondering what height are the baseboards? lovely dining room!

    • annabode
      | 23 February 2016

      Thanks Hilary! Our baseboards are 5.5″ 🙂

  • katie
    | 25 February 2016

    Hi, does the rug have navy in it? its hard to tell?

    • annabode
      | 25 February 2016

      Hi Katie – yes, the two borders are navy.

      • katie
        | 26 February 2016

        I have grey, INDIGO, WHITE AND GOLD, and black and white pillows, do you think IT WILL GO WITH THOSE?

        • annabode
          | 26 February 2016

          It’ll really depend on the style of the pillows. I’m happy to take a look though! If you like you can email me a shot of your pillows and send it to 🙂

  • Marcella
    | 13 May 2016

    Beautiful room! you should look into the possibility that your son is gluten intolerant. a lot of people aren’t aware of that this can cause asthma. my daughter has asthma and had eczema when she was younger. we got her tested and she’s was gluten intolerant. We went gluten free and she’s doing much better.

    • annabode
      | 16 May 2016

      I hadn’t heard of that, thanks so much Marcella! How did you get her tested?

  • Christine
    | 5 August 2016

    That is the same rug in the living room photo and in the dining room photo? the colors look so much more subdued in the dining room shot…

    • annabode
      | 8 August 2016

      Same rug! Both photos are edited; the dining room is a more accurate representation of the real colors.

      • Christine
        | 12 August 2016

        Thank you! That is helpful 🙂

  • B
    | 25 March 2017

    Such a classy dining Room… Would you mind sourcing your picture on the wall? It is so beautiful and really adds a peaceful element to the room. Also, as a mom I have to ask, has the rug been easy to keep clean? We would love this rug in our dining room. Thanks for all the great advice!

  • Miranda
    | 18 April 2017

    I see your rug has fringe. The images of the rug on Wayfair do not have fringe. Do you remember if It had fringe in the photos when you purchased it?

  • leiana
    | 2 August 2017

    can you tell me where you got your dining room chairs? I love them!

  • Molly
    | 16 January 2018

    The link to the rug no longer connects. Any idea the brand or stYle name?

    • annabode
      | 17 January 2018

      Just updated the link – thanks for letting me know! It should work now.

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