Simple + Stylish Halloween Decor

I don’t normally decorate for Halloween beyond the typical jack-o-lantern on the front stoop, mostly because non-kitschy decorations that actually look good are so hard to find.  But I was inspired yesterday by Dana’s Halloween post over on House*Tweaking–she made it look so easy!  So C and I headed over to World Market after school to see what we could find, and I was pleasantly surprised.  As Halloween is only a few days away, we needed something fast–DIY was not an option.  Fortunately everything is currently 25% off, and we came away with a good haul!

Img 4240

My favorite item we found were these bats.  I turned them around to keep the look simple, and taped them to the mirror in the living room.

Img 4244

We also found this spooky skull candle…

Img 4257

Which will apparently burn like this:


Bleeding Black Skull Candle, $7.49.

Creepy.  Then there were these candles, which make crazy-cool wax drippings (beware!):

Img 4256

Finally, I scattered some small white pumpkins around the house and added more of the bats and this hanging skeleton to our front door.  It’s not much, but it definitely feels spookier in the house.  C and I had so much fun last night putting it all together!

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Comments (10 )
  • Patti
    | 29 October 2014

    Love the skull candle with the wax dripping from the eyes. Very creepy. Just enough halloween.

    • annabode
      | 2 November 2014

      Thank you Patti!

  • funky Junk INteriors
    | 29 October 2014

    Great picks! Those candles that make crazy wax drippings are really cool! The skull… wow. Are you going to try it?! 🙂

    • annabode
      | 2 November 2014

      Thanks Donna! We tried it, and it made a BIG mess. But it did look creepy!

  • cassie
    | 29 October 2014

    oh that skull!!! creepy! i love halloween decor- we have some bats on our wall, too!

    • annabode
      | 2 November 2014

      Haha thanks Cassie. Loved your little ones’ costumes by the way!

  • Leslie @ House on the Way
    | 29 October 2014

    Great Halloween decor! Spooky and fun. Have a Happy Halloween!

    • annabode
      | 2 November 2014

      Thanks Leslie, hope you had a good one too!

  • Kristen
    | 30 October 2014

    So cute! Those bats are great.
    My kids were telling me we needed more Halloween decorations, I should check out World Market. Thanks!

    • annabode
      | 2 November 2014

      You’re welcome! Hope you had a great Halloween!

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