Our Dining Room, Revisited

I posted on Instagram the other day about having trouble packing for our impending move. Not because I’ve been dragging my feet, but because I keep getting distracted by new possibilities that occur from rearranging and removing our things!

Items I’ve never styled together end up in a pile and look amazing, and then I waste the next 20 minutes arranging and photographing them until I remember that oh yeah, we’re selling our house next month and I”m actually supposed to be doing something about it.  Oops.  I feel like I now have the attention span of my three-year-old, and any shiny or new object will divert my attention.

That’s pretty much how our dining room came to get its new look, but I must say I’m in love with it! I wish I’d figured this out sooner.  To my credit, I begged Austin to let me put this photograph here when we first moved in.  He told me no guy wants to get stared down by all the men in his girlfriend’s family on a daily basis, and so it was relegated to the hallway.

Mid Century Dining RoomFast-forward two years.  In an effort to patch the (millions!) of holes in our walls before we list, I took down our gallery wall but still needed to hang something.  And Austin was out of the house, so….! Sneak attack.

Mid Century Dining RoomOf course, as soon as he came home and I very timidly asked how he felt about its new spot, he told me he no longer cared.  Just think–I could have been living with this fabulous dining room for years! But now I have only a few weeks to enjoy it.  Why?!

Here’s what our dining room looked like before.  I must say, I’m diggin’ the new simplicity. What do you think of the new look?

(That photograph, in case you’re wondering, is of my uncles, grandfather, and dad.  It was actually taken from an advertisement way back when (70s? 80s? Not sure) for my grandpa’s company.  He and my dad dealt coins, which is what he’s holding in the picture.) 

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Comments (13 )
  • Anna
    | 22 March 2015

    I love the cheekiness of this photo! Keep it!

    • annabode
      | 24 March 2015

      Thanks Anna–I’m so going to now!

  • cassie
    | 22 March 2015

    that is awesome!!!!! HA!

    • annabode
      | 24 March 2015

      Thanks Cassie!

  • Kristen
    | 22 March 2015

    YES!!!! That photo was wayyy too cool to keep hidden in the hallway!

    • annabode
      | 24 March 2015

      Haha right?! Austin just doesn’t get it ;).

  • Shannon [Our Home Notebook]
    | 24 March 2015

    I love it! Awesome, meaningful art.

    • annabode
      | 24 March 2015

      Thanks Shannon!

  • Katie
    | 24 March 2015

    Loving the new simplicity. And that photo is awesome!

  • Ashley@Biggerthanthethreeofus
    | 26 March 2015

    I love that photo there! I’m laughing at what the hubby said, but I totally love it. The gallery wall looked great too though, so maybe a change of something different was just needed? Can’t wait to see what you do with the next house!

    • annabode
      | 26 March 2015

      Haha thanks Ashley! I think I will keep the gallery wall somewhere in the next place–maybe a hallway?

  • maureen
    | 30 March 2015

    Hi Anna, love the pic, and your table too, where did you source it? 🙂

  • Lindsay
    | 12 April 2015

    I love your dining room! Where did you get those chairs?

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