A Modern Little Boy’s Room – The Big Reveal!

Finally – it’s week six of the One Room Challenge and time for the big reveal of my kiddo’s room!

If you remember from Week 1, we started with this:

A Modern Little Boy's Room by Annabode + Co.

Here’s what it looks like today:

A Modern Little Boy's RoomAustin literally put up those shades this morning as I jumped for joy – having bare windows has been no picnic, especially because Clinton wakes up with the sun!  I’m crossing my fingers this will actually make a difference and he’ll sleep in a little later now.  But hey, who am I kidding? Isn’t that just what five-year-olds do?

A Modern Little Boy's RoomOverall I’m very happy with the shades, which are from Smith & Noble.  I love the waterfall profile and slim headrail which allowed us to do an inside mount on our very shallow windows.  The material is called “Belize Sand” and adds just enough texture while still being light enough to take a backseat in the room.  The one thing I’m not loving is the cords – the design consultant I spoke with said cordless wasn’t possible due to the window size, but man cords are just not attractive!

A Modern Little Boy's RoomThat cute little moon print arrived last week from Framebridge, and it’s still looking adorable over the bed.  Aaaand the X-Wing Fighter poster came this week and is all kinds of Star Wars-awesomeness:

A Modern Little Boy's RoomMichael’s Etsy shop is full of patent prints that I think are a genius way to add some modern, minimal artwork to a nursery or kid’s room.  There are a bunch of Star Wars prints to choose from but Clinton picked the X-Wing — he also spent this morning “decorating” with his legos so I’m hoping there’s a budding designer in there somewhere!

A Modern Little Boy's RoomFramebridge was so easy to work with and crazy affordable — I’ve pretty much decided I’m never having something custom framed at a store again.  And if you’re like me and have a dozen unframed or outdated pieces stashed in your basement, now you can use code ANNABODE15 for 15% off your first purchase!

P.S. My mother-in-law gave Clinton this robot night light for Christmas, and his big Wall-E eyes make me melt…

A Modern Little Boy's RoomConfession time: I did not finish the closet.  Thank you all so much for the helpful suggestions in the comments! I especially loved the ones about hanging his model airplanes or displaying a vintage flag — I’ve had my eye on Wild Standard for a while and am just dying for them to make a Denver flag (hint, hint you guys!).

Now prepare for an onslaught of photos.  I tried my hand at using my camera on Manual for the first time and got a little giddy:

I added that folding chair at the last second to create a little spot for him to listen to his music (Star Wars, of course).  My uncle brought it back for him from Belize when he was a baby, and it’s been floating around our house ever since.  Clinton’s growing rock collection has found a home on the windowsill, while legos and blocks are in the toy chest and stuffed animals in the basket.

Clinton and I are both so happy with this new space!  He finally has a comfortable space to play in and designated spots for all of his toys.  I’m planning on finishing the closet in the next few weeks, so I’ll post an update when it’s finished.  But for now, my work is done!

I Added That Folding Chair At The Last Second To Create A Little Spot For Him To Listen To His Music (star Wars, Of Course). My Uncle Brought It Back For Him From Belize When He Was A Baby, And It's Been Floating Around Our House Ever Since.

Here’s how you can get the look:

SOURCES: Lamp, Target* // pillow sham, Schoolhouse Electric // throw pillow, Boho Pillow // basket, Tala Home Design // mud cloth, OBJEKTUM // Star Wars print, Michael Ellis Studios // blanket, Schoolhouse Electric // rug, Ecarpet Gallery // nightstand, West Elm // moon poster, ILKA Design // stick chair, Glo Dea

*Denotes an affiliate link.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support Annabode + Co. and allow us to bring you new content and inspiration!

Now go and see all the other amazing room transformations over at Calling it Home – click the image below!

One Room Challenge Spring 2016

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Comments (62 )
  • brittanyMakes
    | 12 May 2016

    Ahhhh! I love it all. minimal and perfect, i just want to touch all the things! and that little chair is so adorable.

  • Laura jo
    | 12 May 2016

    Love it anna! I always love your designs, you are so talented! and btw…the photos look great, i still haven’t been brave enough to try manual mode but seeing these makes me want to!

  • Lexi
    | 12 May 2016

    Lovely! Where did you find that drum flUshmoUnt, and how is it with the lIght on? I’ve been looking for one this week Given thaT The west elm one i wanted is sold out rigHt now. Thanks!

    • annabode
      | 16 May 2016

      Hey Lexi — the light is from Ikea (see it here). It has three bulbs so it’s plenty bright; we use it in all our bedrooms and it’s super affordable.

  • Erin
    | 12 May 2016

    Love the room! Can you tell me what type of flooring you have in that room?

  • cassie @ primitive & proper
    | 12 May 2016

    it turned out so beautifully, anna! i love the colors and textiles.

  • Jon
    | 12 May 2016

    Where Is the adorable robot night light from? My son would love that!

    • annabode
      | 16 May 2016

      I’m afraid it’s from a little shop in my hometown — not sure who makes them. This etsy shop has similar ones though!

  • Suzanne Fortescue
    | 12 May 2016

    I really like the way the room turned out – congratulations!

  • Jessica
    | 13 May 2016

    This Room is just perfect!! I love the simplicitY. Every detail is so well DOne!!!

  • Madeline | Teal and Gray
    | 13 May 2016

    It’s so calming and beautiful! I love it. The perfect back drop for a hundred legos strewn all over the floor, right?! My daughter has already helped decorate her room with an explosion of stuffed animals.

  • Justynn
    | 13 May 2016

    This is the room i’ve been waiting to see finished. i love it and you have a new follower!

    • annabode
      | 16 May 2016

      Thanks so much Justynn! 🙂

  • Holly
    | 13 May 2016

    Looks great!

  • Sharon
    | 13 May 2016

    Love your boy’s room! Definitely one of my favorite rooms. Makes me want to go and paint my son’s room white now! Thanks for sharing.

  • Stephanie Rech
    | 13 May 2016

    Gorgeous!!! I love that your little guy has such a beautiful room – nothing cheesy in sight! 🙂 I did my son’s room, too – so fun to do kids’ rooms!!! Cheers on a beautiful space!

  • Linsey
    | 13 May 2016

    anna! Beautiful space mdear! … And if youd like a denver flag, give us a shout! We can make a custom one for you!

    • annabode
      | 16 May 2016

      Thanks Linsey! I might have to take you up on that! 🙂

  • Iris Watts
    | 14 May 2016

    It is 100% adorable! Makes me excited to finally get to decorate my little boy’s room too! Congratulations!

  • Erin
    | 15 May 2016

    Love it! a beautiful room that doesn’t feel too pretty for a little boy!

  • Kemley
    | 16 May 2016

    I absolUtely love this room! So simple, yet perfect. Love the white walLs and color scheme. This is my stYle 100%!!!

  • Vel
    | 16 May 2016

    I love that it’s modern but not cold or sparse. Just perfect for your young man. http://www.marcusdesigninc.com/2016/05/one-room-challenge-week-6-breakfast.html

    • annabode
      | 18 May 2016

      Thanks so much Vel – love your dining/kitchen makeover!

  • Lizzie @ Living Pretty
    | 17 May 2016

    This is the best themed kids room ever! It’s REfined but still fun – I LOVE EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.

    • annabode
      | 18 May 2016

      Oh my goodness, thank you so much Lizzie!!

  • Kelcey
    | 18 May 2016

    Beautiful room! Sounds so lame, but i really do Love the way you made The bed. I am so curious, what type of bed linen did you use to cover the matTress and box spring at once? Or Is it just one very thick mattress maybe? Thanks!

    • annabode
      | 18 May 2016

      Thanks Kelcey! They are linen sheets from West Elm, you can find them here. I’ll be honest, I have no idea why they are that large (I don’t think it’s on purpose, and it’s a twin-sized set) but for some reason they are! The fitted sheet covers both his mattress and his boxspring.

      • Kelcey
        | 19 May 2016


      • Andrea
        | 25 November 2017

        hi, i love this, so modern and different. Would you mind sharing what color Paint you used on the walls?

  • Courtney
    | 19 May 2016

    Such an adorable room! Quick question – is the toybox vintage or can you provide a source?

    • annabode
      | 20 May 2016

      Hi Courtney, thanks! We got it free from our neighbors funnily enough (their kids are in high school and they happened to be cleaning out their garage) so I don’t have the source. Sorry — Land of Nod has great toy chests though!

  • Carrie
    | 22 May 2016

    Hi Anna,

    Love your Son’s room! When i first stumbled upon your blog, i did a double-take. I grew up in the denver-Area and your house is the exact model of my childhood home. Pretty sure your son’s room was my room! so fun to watch you transform the house.

    best of luck to you!

    • annabode
      | 24 May 2016

      Hey Carrie — that is so neat! Thanks so much! We are loving Colorado 🙂

  • Tara
    | 23 May 2016

    Looks great!! I love the bed!

  • Lindsey
    | 24 May 2016

    Where is the bed from? Its beautiful!

    • annabode
      | 24 May 2016

      Thanks Lindsey — it’s an antique, I found it on Craigslist!

  • Tracy
    | 2 June 2016

    Love the room! Especially the bed and rug. Can you recommend similar shades that are a little more budget fridendly?

    • annabode
      | 7 June 2016

      Thanks Tracy! In the past I’ve used blinds.com for less expensive shades, but in my experience cheaper ones will break after a little while…so beware :). (I know though, window treatments can be craaaaaazy expensive. I try to remind myself that they’re a permanent fixture of the house, and it helps that companies like S&N offer a lifetime guarantee).

  • Katie Rockwell
    | 6 June 2016

    Anna! Where are the shades from?

    • annabode
      | 7 June 2016

      Hi Katie! The shades are from Smith & Noble — there’s a direct link in the post!

  • Tara
    | 9 June 2016

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This room. Can I ask what size in both prints you went with?

    • annabode
      | 15 June 2016

      Thanks Tara! Of course — The X-wing poster is a 24 x 36 and the moon poster is 16 x 20.

  • Tracy
    | 15 June 2016

    Thanks for the tIp on the shades. Also how did you hanG the model airplane?

    • annabode
      | 15 June 2016

      You’re welcome Tracy! It’s resting on two nails at the moment, I would have used something sturdier (like maybe command strips) but with the asbestos in our drywall, I’m trying not to.

  • nicole torres
    | 15 June 2016

    I love it all ,and that bed is gorgeous. Is the bed an antique? bravo!!!

    • annabode
      | 15 June 2016

      Thanks Nicole! It is 🙂

  • Charlotte
    | 27 August 2016

    Such a lovely little room! The rug is awesome.

    Charlotte x

  • Samantha
    | 9 September 2016

    Hi i have been oBsessing over this bed!! I know its an antique but do you know what its made of? Brass? Or Metal? Is it painted or?? I found Something similar on craigSlist but it doesnt look anywhere near as gorgeous as yours. Wondering if some polIsh or paint would do the trick. SeRiously love that bed!! Thank you 🙂

  • Stephanie H Madsen
    | 25 September 2016

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Where did you find the metal star fighter?

  • paige
    | 20 November 2016

    I love the shades and am wondering if you used privacy liner or blackout liner? Thanks!

  • Sara
    | 8 January 2017

    This room is such an Inspiration. I love the colors and Texture. Where is the black and white graphic blanket from?

  • Georgia
    | 11 January 2017

    This room is perfection. There is not one thing I’d add or take away. What an eye you have for beauty. Wish i could have you design my son’s room. i’m inspired to change his up to something much more minimal like this. I look forward to more inspiration from the other rooms in your home!

  • Lori
    | 5 August 2017

    What color are the walls?
    What finish of Paint do you use?

    • annabode
      | 17 January 2018

      Hi Lori – all the walls in our house are Benjamin Moore Simply White in eggshell.

  • Adrienne Becker
    | 3 July 2018

    Great room! Do you have a resource for the bed frame?

  • Angelica
    | 14 October 2018

    I love the bed frame color – where did you get it. What color is it

  • Tatiana
    | 27 February 2019

    Ita beautiful. What is the Name of the rug i really want the same one for my boya room. Thank you

  • Rebecca
    | 4 June 2019

    Hi Hi! I’ve just discovered your blog and love it! I especially love the rug in this room. Any chance you remember the name or maker of your rug? the link doesn’t work anymore. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Sharon
    | 25 July 2019

    I love Everything about this room. The moon poster im guessing was yours, right? What about the AIRPlane by it though? Can you share a source?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  • Sharon
    | 26 July 2019

    I love this and have recently started using it as inspiration for my kid’s room. Can you tell me what size is the star wArs print and where you got the frame from? Ive been trying to figure out but im getting no reSponse from the seller.



  • Anthony
    | 7 October 2020

    Hi, anyway you can link the rug? i’ve been looking for it online forever and still can’t find it. Im located in Evergreen, CO.. I love this room! its perfect for the area!

    • Anna Smith
      | 8 October 2020

      Hi Anthony, the rug was vintage. Always nice to see another Coloradoan – thank you for your kind words!

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