Before & After: Mid-Century Dresser $16 Revamp

There is no better feeling than completing a project when they seem to be piling up around you (as is always the case in our house)!

About a year ago, I bought this dresser off of Craigslist for $150.  Let me start by stating that this is not a quality piece of furniture–it is not solid wood, and it is heavily scratched–so I had no qualms about messing with it.  When I started planning Clinton’s new room, I didn’t think about touching this dresser at all.  But as I started to bring in more color and lighten up the space, the dresser was looking darker and dingier as time went on.


IMG_3376 - Version 2

After:Clinton's Dresser 2 (1)

I painted the fronts of the drawers white with extra paint from our kitchen renovation, took off the (plastic!) molding from the top drawer, cut out a new drawer front from the leftover plywood from our laundry room flip, and picked up some new hardware.  I also painted over the scratches and dings with leftover stain from the book ledge project.  All in all, this project only cost $16 (for the hardware)–not bad! I really like how the dresser now feels connected to Clinton’s newly painted white book ledges and the white curtains I’ve hung around his bed nook.


IMG_3698 - Version 2


Clinton's Dresser (1)

I styled the dresser for the photos, but I’m waiting on this adorable fox print from My Dear Fellow Co. to come so I can hang it above the dresser:

Il 570xn.576019362 Ena1

And one last photo….

Clinton's Dresser 5

Mission accomplished 🙂

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Comments (2 )
  • Megan
    | 21 August 2014

    I really love this dresser (really anything mid-century modern)! It’s so impressive that you were able to make the new drawer fronts! Whenever I see something mid-century modern ANYWHERE I feel a need to buy it but have a hard time convincing my husband how great it’ll be in our house.

    • annabode
      | 29 August 2014

      Thanks Megan! I know, there are so many great pieces out there–I want them all! I think when we move next year I’ll sell this piece for one that’s a little better quality, but it works great for now.

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